100 WC WK 9

 Swimming  Cat Lifted Broken  Green box onto shore and saw a fish and the cat sniffed it and ran because the fish slap’t the cat right in the face then the cat came back and slap’t the fish in the face and the fish died and the cat ate it and spat out all of the bones out all over the box and slapt it int the water were the wale ate it and the box was in the belly and there was a guy who opened it and ate the bones because he was staving he was very hungry.

Maths mate T 4 sheet 3 prob 22

I predict that this problem is going to be about the four operations.


Fill in the missing number.


I had nothing to clarify in this question.


What is the correct numeral that corrects the incomplete number sentence


I found this question a bit difficult because i really don’ t do these Questions