100WC week 2

Our dog isn’t black but it is yellow. Why would you think it is black it doesn’t look black at all, it has a shining coat of yellow. Are you coloured blind or something? Yes I am and I am proud of it. I am sorry you are coloured blind but this dog is yellow OK. Hello my cute little dog how are you doing woof woof do you want a treat yes you do  here. I got you a big pigs ear that I just hunted it is big and juice.

6 thoughts on “100WC week 2

  1. Well done for this week’s 100WC. I am glad that your character’s resolve their differences. :-). Keep up the great work.

    Mr Mullen

  2. Hi Theo,
    Great use of the challenge prompt. It fits well and I find it believable.
    I enjoyed the conversation in the piece and it made me wonder who you were talking to. I was able to get a few clues from your text.
    For improvement be sure to double check your punctuation, perhaps have a buddy read your work to support you with this.
    Thanks for your entry!

  3. Hi Theo,
    Your writing was very funny and breathtaking,
    I hope to see your work in another outstanding 100wc.

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