Term 2 reflection

my reflection was learning about science and we learnt a lot such as elephants tooth past and Jennie in a bottle and a lot more other things and it has been fun my reflection was how to dose fair test works and then they told us what it was and now i know a lot of things about it i want to learn it every day.

The facts I found investing and surprising:

were the GTAC came and told us many things such as the Jennie in the bottle and how dose rust work and it was fun seeing the black smoke fly to the roof it was so cool and the rust works because of water and when it dose rust it is really easy to scrape it off.

Two understanding I now have:

are how rust works and it works by water it starts a chemical reaction cursing rust and it only rusts on iron steel and something else but one thing doesn’t rust is stainless steel that has a chemical that reacts with water so it can’t rust with water and it only rusts with water and if you put water and acid together and mix it our don’t mix it it will disperser because there is this chemical and it doesn’t mix so it dissolve and that is all.

One wondering I still have:

is how dose rust really work how are there different chemical changes and why dose it rust when it hits water and then after a wale it will rust why and how dose it rust when it hits water that is what i want to no more about it so now i should no a lot about how can and how can rust work i want to no so i wish to learn more about how and why can rust work.

What were the most impotent things I learnt:

Were what is a chemical change and a chemical change is when a chemical and a other chemical join together and then mix with water or something then that is what a chemical change is and that is a very impotent thing to learn in life it can help you if you want to be a science-test and in your class when you have science and other things.

How did I learn it:

i learnt it a wile ago when Jess taught us and she told us a lot of chemical change which was good and we got all of the information off the internet and it had a lot of information and we had to read all of it and it was good to learn it and we got told by jess it was the wrong site but it told us a lot of information so i was pretty happy.

What am i going to do with what i learnt:

i can put it with my work so i can get better grades and so you can get a better job and get into high school and i want a better grade because i want a very good job and so i can get a better future and i want all of that good grades get a very good job that pays you top money and taught is all so that is why. Continue reading



Investigate the answers to these questions about rusting.


  1. Why don’t some metals rust?

Because some metals have a protective covering on their suffuses such as aluminium is protective by a layer of aluminium oxide preventing a reaction  between oxygen and metals.


  1. Why does it take some things longer to rust then others?

Because some metals have stronger and more protective layers than others


  1. Why do materials rust?


Materials rust because of the compound because of the reaction between metal and oxygen.

  1. What does rust look like?
  1. Machine generated alternative text:


  1. How can rust be prevented?

How to prevent rusting

  1. By oiling metals that rust you can put some thin
  1. you put on metal so it can’t rust


  1. Why dose iron rust in water?
  2. When water hits iron, it mixes with carbon dioxide in the air. This mix creates a weak carbonic acid, an electrolyte that starts to dissolve the iron. The dissolved iron then combines with the oxygen freed from the water.

what is on plates that Is not or is rust

  1. It is fungi

Is fungi a form of rust



Books are better than TV because TV is TV it has heaps of channles. if you have foxtell like me it makes you addicted and it makes you go to bed late. books you can read for half n hour and be fresh in the morning or you can read sunrise.

Books have goodness in them so you can function and so you don’t get tired doing your work. so that you don’t have to get told off and so you can write better and learn better to so you can get a good job like my brother he fixes cars and if you have TV you are just going to get lazy and lazy and so if you have a TV yer good but not all the time or your kids will get addicted and just look at the screen all day every day.

They won’t even wake up in the morning because they stayed up late like i have done and i just wanted to stay a sleep and rest so i can look at the TV and be lazy but i am not lazy i just quickly 1 hour of it and then i do some exegesis so i don;t get lazy and if you have a book read for more than a

hour at night and then go to bed i go to bed after i read about 10:00 and i am fresh and be happy so don’t have TV read a book books are very importent for there education and if they read they will be fresh in the morning and they will want to wake up and than read a book once they go home and be happy so don’t worry be happy yayyyyy 🙂

The balloon

what a race today wasn’t it Pete shore was Tag when they were about to land a big bird came and popped a big whole throe it arr  said Pete i am going to crash i am getting out of control someone please help me i need to savive i got kids you know if i crash i don’t no what what will happen so please lend me your para shoot and so i can be safe and come down Pete Pete said no you shouldn’t date my darter you are a bad man and you should safer the pain.

You should not do this Pete you are my father in law not any more by by i hope you safer or saved by the police i will tell them what you did to her like when you hit her all the time and she doesn’t like it so you should safer you heart my darter  so much now look you on by have a bit of air still ha ha ha ha ha hay you on that balloon stop fixing it he is a bad man no he isn’t i will cut you with a knife at you and take it out and chuck it away ha ha.

hay you shouldn’t be that close to my balloon you can pop it then if i am i will try you sir are a bad man not me your the one who is trying to kill me arn’t you so your the murderer if i crash my friend will say it was your fult because he is a cop then he isn’t a very good one then because you are blaming someone else so you shouldn’t do that if i help you you will have to move very far away from my darter understand yes Pete.

so don’t mess with me our else i will track you down and take you and no one will know a sept me so come in my balloon and look into my eyes and say i will never see your darter again ok i will never see your darter again sike lets get her and take her to our lair you come back here hay you took my pea shoot and you poked a whole on my balloon you will pay for this hay i am just joking see you can see me as a good man.

Thank you but you took my heart out of my chest you were gonna do it but why did you poke whole in my balloon no i didn’t go look or yer i guse you are a good man you can date my darter but be good with her or i will track you down whats with you all what i did you still say it ha got ya or you are a cheeky fella you shouldn’t of done tht you took my heart out of my chest i can all ways get ya lets just relax and wach the sun set but you should get my darter and bring her here.

hi dad it is nice of you to bring my husband it is nice looking at the sun set i want to come with you evry were you go i love it up here i am coming up here every time you come come up here it is nice to spend time with you and my husband in to weeks we are getting a dog he is so cute we can bring him up here to


GTAC came for our last lesson number 5 i was happy when we got to do our own experments it was fun we had a neddle a beaker and a tube with liguid in it we also did fair testing rusting we got tourt about rusting i all ready knew it but it was fun to learn a bit more of it any how they have been teaching us many things and i have loved it and i thank them for getting out of there way and come and teach us they could have other important things to do and they will still come so that is very nice of them and i want to learn more of it but what can you do i hve one qustion what is fair testing i didn’t really get it that much but it is fun doing experment


When gtac came for there 4 lesson they said to us that we have to weare coats and safty glasses because we were going to do some experments like we did a jennie in a bottle it stunk the room out peeuuuuuu i didn’t like that smell but it was fun looking at it the smoke was black and it went to the roof it was powerful it was so cool we allso did glow sticks and they glowed when we turned out the lights fun  and it was cool but the blines wornt shut so that was bad but at least we got to keep them and it was fun doing all the things we did with them now i can’t wait for our last gtac lesson it will be sad because it is our last one and i wont see them next year i will be in year 8 🙁

Bite size page 2-9

i learnt that if you separate a liquid from a solutions water can be separated from salty water by simple distillation. filtration distillation is good for sperating two or more liquid from each other.is good for separating a suable solid  from a liquid Atoms of different elements can join together in chemical reactions to form compounds The properties of compound are usually different from the properties of elements they contain. The atoms in a compound are chemically joined together by strong forces called bond. a mixture is made from different substances that are not chemically joined together. The iron and sulphur atoms are not joined together in the mixture .filtration is good for separating an insoulble solid from a liquid