Week #34 100cw

but were could i go when my mum comes and see’s my room in a mess i better go to a other state or something because i do not want to be near my mum when she see’s this mess she hates messes and this is the biggest mess i have ever seen so when she see’s it i will be dead so i better go now or i can clean it but that will take forever and she is coming in 1 min so bye bye i am going to Greece yap i am going to Greece and no one can stop me.

2 thoughts on “Week #34 100cw

  1. I think that’s a feeling we’ve all experienced Theo; an untidy bedroom and a mum on the warpath! To be avoided at all costs … though Greece seems a little extreme 😉
    It might be wise to revisit your post and see if a little punctuation (a few full stops and commas) might break things up a little for your readers.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

  2. *know how to use apostrophes
    * good words to apply in your work
    W- use your capital letters at the start of your sentence

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