Finley GTAC came for there 3 time seeing us and we learnt that water particles and salt particles connect easily because they are Different Chemicals that can be connected  they also showed us salt can dissolve when put in water and mixed really properly and then you wont be able to see it any more they also showed us that cored can dissolve if you put it in water and shake it after a while it will start to dissolve.

They also told us if you try to mix ethane with water it wont connect with water particles it wont stay on each other it will stay at the top or dissolve striate away because ethane and water are to different particles that just doesn’t mix and the salt particles with the water they mix really good together they flow better in stead of ethane when it doesn’t flow or mix very good together.

They also told us that a water particle has a big circle that is oxygen and there are 2 little ones at the top connected to the oxygen they are called hydrogen the hydrogen don’t connect together but the oxygen and the hydrogen because they flow very nicely together and that is what is a water particle is and that is what they told us for that lesson i can’t wait for our next lesson with them i love what they do it is interesting watching what they do

I wish they can teach us more about it because you get into what they are doing and you want to start doing it because it is fun doing the experiments and looking at the different particles like water and salt particles and they are fun looking at them that is why i like doing it with them as well as i do some of that at home and it is fun i love science.

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