Education Week Scientists Do Amazing Things

The Scientists showed us how many balloons can fit in a small bucket with nitro and there were ten balloons in there Simon said that the nitro didn’t take the air out because when he took them out the came back and formed the same thing that a normal balloon would do

They also showed us a balloon on a beaker on a hot pan and the steam in side of the beaker was slowly going up into the balloon and made it expand I predicted it and I got it right the laddie said to me to not tell anyone what I said so I didn’t spoil the fun and the other people said it to so I wasn’t the only one who said it they were so nice.

They also showed us how dyed ice can go into salt water and go out of the cup and make foam it was bubbling at the bottom really fast and she said to Raymond not to touch it when he was mixing it for her if he did his hand might have been stuck to it or something so I wouldn’t touch it even if I got told to I would of done it very prasict because I don’t want to lose any of my fingers or something I would use a very long stick not I wouldn’t do that

The GTAC Scientists said there will be 5 groups and the 5 will go to serpent tables and my group was first to go down stairs and work on microscopes  and we looked at some bugs that are called fleas and that was all we did there then we went back upstairs to our next table and it was about dirty waters and how to clean them then we went to our next table about prostrated and to see which had the most in it even if it says it has known of it and the shampoo said it had nothing but it got a reading of 50 and that is too much.

Then it was recces and we ate to get our brains going then we ran a bit around so we don’t feel lazy so we all ran to the fence and back then we went back to GTAC and we did more fun things in our last group it was sad because it was our last one but it was about oil leaks in the sea when the boats filled with oil leak and kill all the sea life another creacher that we problem don’t know about yet and so that is why we are trying to work out how to stop the leaks and we thourt of soaking up but that won’t work because we would suck the sea as well then we tried to use soap but that didn’t work in here.

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